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1907 Oak Ridge Drive
Jeffersonville, IN


(812) 288-4865


(812) 288-4862

School Hours

Building Open to Students
8:40 am
Student Instructional Day
9:00 am to 3:35 pm

Mission Statement

The mission of Northaven Elementary is to provide an inclusive, nurturing, safe, and challenging teaching and learning environment in which staff, students, family, and community work collaboratively to challenge students to maximize their intellectual, social, cultural, and physical potentials and to promote success for a diverse student body.

Belief Statement

Successful learners attend school regularly, come prepared, engage in learning, are productive members of the school community and believe they will be successful.

Staff behavior will direct school climate, and respect will be demonstrated by all staff and students in all settings, with both students and staff members taking ownership of individual behaviors and academic outcomes.

All staff believes that high expectations produce academic achievement through student engagement, positive student behavior, equal opportunities to learn, tailoring instruction to individual learning needs and styles, and through utilization of community resources.

Student learning is a reflection of all staff members and is most productive in a safe and secure learning environment.

A successful highly achieving school supports a positive relationship between parents and school when effective communication is collaborative, accurate, clear, consistent, and frequent.

Northaven Elementary School (NES) houses kindergarten through grade five and has an enrollment of approximately 415 students. The mission at NES is to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment. NES staff, students, family, and community members work collaboratively to challenge students and maximize their potential. The staff promotes success for all students.

Northaven Elementary offers an academic program that includes balanced literacy with integrated science and social studies concepts, daily writing workshops, and balanced mathematics. Students also attend library, physical education, and related arts classes once or twice per week. The staff has an intervention and enrichment system that provides students with two blocks each day when their individual education level is specifically addressed by re-teaching, reviewing, or further challenging concepts, skills, or strategies depending on the academic needs of the child.

Academics are priority at Northaven, but the staff also wants to instill good character and decision making into each student as well. A common language is used at NES regarding student expectations and to remind students often about the decision they are making. The students are told to “SOAR like an Eagle” to learn positive recognition for their behavior.

Outstanding Qualities

Ways Northaven Eagles SOAR:

  • 2016 Indiana Department of Education Promising Practices Recipient: World Fest
  • 2016 Robotics Program
  • 2016 American League Cross Country Champs; Boy’s
  • 2012-13 Indiana University Southeast School of the Year for outstanding partnership with the university

  • Placed on 2010 state list of High Growth Schools for having high growth in English/Language Arts

  • Placed in High Growth Achievement Categories in ELA and Math under Indiana’s new Growth Model

  • Extra-curricular and leadership activities including Student Council, Drama Club, Academic Bowl Team, Intramural Sports, and Fine Arts

  • Community partnerships with local businesses for academic and attendance awards

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