Media Center

Mrs. Janie Ison – Media Clerk

About our Media Center: Students visit the Media Center 1-2 times per week as part of our Special Area Time rotation. During Library visits students are taught basic library skills, enjoy quiet reading and story time, and are encouraged to check out books on their regular library day. Students have scheduled times to return and check out books. Please encourage your child to be a reader!
Circulation: Students in grades 1-3 are allowed to check-out 1 book.
Students in grades 4-5 are allowed to check-out 2 books.
Kindergarten: May check out 1 book beginning in January.
Permission Slips will be sent out in December. Please read, sign, and return.
Loan Period: Books are due back after a 1 week loan period. If you would like to keep the book longer, just bring the book back on library day and ask to have it renewed.
Late Books: There are no charges for late books. However, no additional books may be checked out until the late book is returned. Please encourage your student to return their books on time.
Lost Books: If a book is lost or damaged, the student must pay to replace the book before they can check out another book.
Computers: The Media Center has 3 computer stations available for student use. They can access the Follett automated card catalog. Students are encouraged to do research and  take a Reading Counts Quiz.
Reading Counts: Northaven Elementary uses the Scholastic Reading Counts program as a way to motivate our students to read. Students read a book, and then take a short quiz on the computer to test their comprehension. Students receive prizes according to the number of points they earn. More than 50,000 titles are in the Scholastic Reading Counts database for Greater Clark Schools!! Please use the following link to access the program.

Go to the Reading Counts Website.

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